CAM2 International is continually committed to providing our customers with top quality lubrication products. Every one of our manufacturing facilities has the latest in testing equipment to insure every CAM2 branded product meets the latest performance specifications. Every batch manufactured is certified to be on specification for: viscosity, cold crank, NOACK volatility, Brookfield viscosity (ATF & Gear Oils), and additive levels.

Our quality laboratories on-site at our manufacturing facilities consist of the following state-of-the-art testing & laboratory equipment:

Cannon Auto Cold Cranking Simulator Model CCS 2000

  • Measures the apparent low temperature viscosity and performance of lubricants; simulating the starting (cranking) of an engine at specific low temperatures
  • Insures that the various viscosity grade motor oils will not hinder a car’s ability to start at times when the outside temperature is low
    Cost: $50,000

Brookfield DV II+ Pro/Lawler LB 76 Temperature Bath

  • Measures fluid viscosity (resistance to flow) at different shear rates and temperatures
  • Measures cold temperature properties of gear oils and transmission fluids insuring that the manufactured fluids will still perform properly at the low end of their design specifications
    Cost: $45,000

Noack Volatility NCK2 5G

  • Determines the evaporation loss percentage in a lubricating oil
  • Determines how much of a lubricant will volatilize (evaporate) under standard operating conditions of an engine
  • Measures against API limits for the amount of volatility allowed by API oil categories
    Cost: $45,000

Oxford Twin X 8000 X-Ray Spectrometer

  • Quantitative analysis of elements ranging from an atomic weight of 11 (Na) to an atomic weight of 92 (U); calculates the ppm of a specific element
  • Measures specific elements that are present in additive packages to insure that the right package is being used at the correct levels to insure the manufactured lubricant meets the design tolerances
  • Checks the chemical thumbprint of the finished lubricant
    Cost: $40,000

Cannon Auto Viscometer Model CAV 2100

  • Measures the viscosity (fluid resistance to flow) of lubricants as specified by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to insure compliance of temperature and grade of finished lubricants
  • Measures viscosity at 40c and 100c to insure that blended lubricant meet SAE/API service grades (i.e. 5W-30, 10W-30, 15W40)
  • These two viscosities are also used in the calculation of the VI (viscosity index) which is an indicator of how a lubricant’s viscosity changes with temperature
  • The higher the VI, the less effected the lubricant is to temperature changes
    Cost: $80,000

CAM2’s commitment to quality is demonstrated with the placement of onsite personnel for quality assurance at our manufacturing facilities. CAM2’s quality assurance personnel are responsible for developing, managing, and implementing CAM2’s on-site quality assurance program. These are highly trained individuals with an extensive background in the chemical & lubricant market and certification as a Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS). CAM2’s Director of Technology & Quality Assurance is responsible for insuring that every product manufactured for CAM2 and shipped to our customers is manufactured to CAM2’s rigid specifications, packaged to CAM2’s demanding packaging requirements, and shipped to our customers on time in order to meet all of our customers’ expectations.

CAM2’s commitment to quality lubrication products is backed by its 300,000 Mile Engine Protector Program.

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PROBLEM: NEED TO CONSOLIDATE greases and grease suppliers

WITH CAM2: For over three years using one grease CAM2 ULTRA 580 EP GREASE at all 6 plant locations, 2000 trenchers and backhoes, 3000 pole and utility trucks. - Electric Company Southeast

PROBLEM: High number of BEARING FAILURES on pellet mills.
WITH CAM2: Reduced bearing temperatures by 20%. Practically eliminated all bearing failures. Now using CAM2 ULTRA 580 EP GREASE throughout their plants and truck fleet. One grease for all applications. - National Pork Supplier