Automotive Markets

CAM2 International, LLC offers a full and complete line of passenger car motor oils and lubricants.  CAM2's race proven motor oils meet and exceed all the requirements of all major car manufacturers and are ideal for today's engines even under the toughest conditions. CAM2 Premium quality motor oils are licensed by API and ILSAC.

The CAM2 product line includes not just a complete line of automotive lubricants. We also manufacture brake fluid, power steering fluid, gear oils and antifreeze.

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How does CAM2 motor oil protect your engine?

Lubrication: CAM2 motor oil establishes a film thick and strong enough to prevent metal-to-metalcontact and reduce friction and wear.
Cooling: CAM2 motor oil plays a major role in cooling the internal parts of your engine.
Cleaning: CAM2’s high quality detergent and dispersant additives keep these contaminates suspended in the oil so they do not settle on engine parts.
Resist rust and corrosion: CAM2 prevents corrosion from water by the addition of rust and corrosion inhibitors to our oil.
Non-Foaming: CAM2’s foam inhibitors cause air bubbles to collapse quickly which allows for proper cooling of the engine.