Message from the CEO of CAM2 International

My name is Jack Baker and as CEO of CAM2 International I am proud to have this opportunity to speak to you about our dynamic and growing company. At CAM2 we are committed to three fundamental goals:
1) Protecting the CAM2 brand and the value it brings to our distributor customers,
2) The efficient and economical manufacture and distribution of premium quality products and,
3) Protecting our individual distributors who are out there every day hard at work using our products to build a future for their organizations and their families both domestically and internationally.
Each decision we make as an organization is based on these three over-riding commitments. Every day I ask our organization, can we operate differently, more effectively, more efficiently or just plain better to make sure our customers see the value in the CAM2 brand and how we can help our distributors have acceptable profit margins to continue to operate and grow their businesses.

However, make no mistake, no matter how long or how hard we and our distributors work, we do understand that the final measure of our success and the success of our distributors, ultimately comes down to the simple question, “Is the end-use consumer totally satisfied with the performance, the service, the availability and the price of his or her CAM2 Products?”
We work diligently every day, as do our distributors, to make sure that we offer to our distributors’ customers the highest quality products possible, and at the right price. We do this in an effort to support our distributors, who are in the marketplace from sun up to sun down and beyond, building a future for themselves and the CAM2 brand by developing and maintaining strong customer loyalty from parts stores, convenience stores, installers, mines, lumber mills and all types of industries.

At CAM2, we hold close the following basic principles of success and integrity and these principles guide our every decision. We believe that these principles have helped lay the foundation for our tremendous growth and success and we will continue to apply them on a daily basis business practices.
-We believe that when you do something, you do it right.
-The highest rewards come from honest and proper practice. Bad results come in the long run from selfish, unfair and dishonest conduct.
-We support and relish good and honest competition and believe that the race will ultimately be won by the most honest, most efficient and the most effective.
-We believe that no organization can permanently succeed that does not treat its employees equitably and with respect.
-We believe thoroughly in open communication. Public opinion is the surest and wisest measure of success.
-We can only succeed through integrity.
-We must strive to be the best of the best in everything that we do.
-We must never forget that the good of the public welfare must guide our every decision.

In closing I want to assure you that in looking to the future, we have not forgotten our history. The CAM2 Program was designed by distributors for distributors; and more importantly by distributors who cared about their customers and it is my promise that it will stay that way.
I and all of the members of the CAM2 organization would also like to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU”. We are honored to have you as one of our loyal customers or for your consideration to become one of our valued customers. Thank you for the many years of loyalty and the many years to come. Thank you for supporting our valued brand and finally, thank you for buying our products.

With best regards,
Jack Baker
CEO, CAM2 International. LLC


History of CAM2 International

CAM2 motor oil was first developed as a collaborative effort between Sun Oil Company (Sunoco), General Motors and Roger Penske to develop superior performance motor oil that would help Penske Racing in their attempt to win the Indy 500 auto race. In 1975 after they were successful in their efforts to win the Indy 500, Sun Oil Company decided to introduce this premium performance motor oil to the general public as a "do it yourself" motor oil. The highly effective marketing program to introduce the CAM2 brand of motor to the general public involved the promotion and distribution of CAM2 Motor Oils through mass retailers such as Kmart, Sears and other large warehouse distributors, as well as through jobbers and motor oil distributors nationwide. Between 1975 and 1983, Sun Marketing spent nearly $20M on advertising, promoting and establishing CAM2 as a superb, national brand motor oil. And superb it is!

In 1981, Sun Oil decided to concentrate its efforts solely on production and put CAM2 marketing activities up for sale. Of course, there were many suitors - but the CAM2 brand was eventually purchased by our group of uniquely qualified, successful, and experienced motor oil distributors. We became the CAM2 Motor Oil Products Company, and established our Corporate Headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA with marketing offices in Chicago, Illinois, USA and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

The original idea was to have a nationally recognized brand of premium quality; value priced motor oils that we could control. In this way, our group's distributors could protect themselves and future CAM2 customers from the self benefiting and often harmful to distributor decisions of the huge oil companies. It was our sincere belief that if the Oil Companies could make decisions to ensure them of a profitable future then we as distributors should be doing the same.

CAM2 Oil Products Company began quite humbly. Our total product line consisted of eight motor oils. But that simple beginning was all we needed to establish the value and the quality of the CAM2 brand and we soon expanded our offering to include hundreds of CAM2 Quality Products from more than 30 suppliers.


CAM2 International TODAY


For Decades CAM2 has shown a tradition of performance and leadership in automotive lubricants industry. CAM2 was the first multi-viscosity motor oil to be sanctioned by USAC for championship racing. CAM2 was the first multi-viscosity oil to win the Indy 500 and since then our premium, performance formulated products have successfully completed over 300,000 miles on the track under all types of severe high performance racing conditions. We know that you are not driving your vehicles under these high stresses and demanding conditions, but we use these successes on the track to make a product that you can feel confident in entrusting your vehicle to.

CAM2's Race Proven Motor Oils meet and exceed all the requirements of all major domestic and international car manufacturers and are ideal for today's sophisticated and technologically advanced engines even under the toughest conditions. CAM2 Motor Oils are licensed by the API and ILSAC.

Today CAM2 offers a wide array of premium quality products that includes brake fluids, power steering fluids, greases and gear oils, aerosol and liquid pour chemicals, antifreeze, washer fluid, and an extensive and complete line of automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants. Our bulk program is extensive. With almost 150 rail cars in our proprietary fleet, we distribute our bulk lubricants through numerous CAM2 controlled distribution points capable of handling tank trucks and railcars as well as well as an extensive network of service oriented bulk distributors strategically located all across the US. We also offer an extensive line-up of our premium quality lubricants in quarts, gallons, pails, kegs, drums, and totes. We also customize generic and private labeling. With all these programs combined, you will find what you need here at CAM2 International. Unlike most of our competitors, we not only offer full truckloads of CAM2 quality products, we can also mix and match all our products together on the same truck.

Today we operate as CAM2 International, LLC and market a complete line of World Class Lubricants under the CAM2 brand through an outstanding group of customer service oriented distributors and at value prices all across the US and in numerous international countries. CAM2 is where performance and value come together to solve even the most difficult lubrication problems.